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Earthworks, the first Land Artexhibition was held in 1968 at the Dawn Gallery in New York. It is the beginning of a trend, a philosophy that allows art to move out of the commercial space of galleries.

Natural Pact uses this art for the regeneration of the forest, and takes advantage of the beauty of Nature and the seasons to transform the landscapes into true masterpieces in the open air.


To conceive art as peaceful testimony to the challenges created by the established system and to create "Nature museums" to preserve the wonders of the planet, this is the ambition of Natural Pact's founder, Alexis D. Gaillard.

Land Art, art in nature or environmental art, it is the path chosen by Natural Pact's forest artists to preserve biodiversity. They invest in forests, meadows and other landscapes to create life-size works by planting a diversity of native trees.


3D projection of a plot of trees planted in 2017 by Natural Pact (photo in illustration)

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